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Fire Trucks in a Fire Station

A Tale of Two Fire Stations

Learn how an appraiser manages difficult appraisal problems while appraising two very different fire stations, which as public sector and special use properties have limited marketability.

a residential street of a mobile home park

Added Value to Mobile Homes

How our appraisal firm estimated the market value of five mobile homes and raised the total value of the property by $50,000.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Up to Our Knees, Not Out of Our Depth

Every appraiser knows while inspecting a property, a surprise could be waiting just around the bend: as we cross a train track, out of nowhere a train approaches; as we explore an abandoned warehouse for the source of a rattling sound, a rattle snake slithers by …so what happens when you find yourself appraising on an island?

gas station in winter night

Convenience Stores: Impacts of Right of Way

Right of way projects directly impact the real property value of a convenience store. Change in access can limit site maneuverability or impact traffic flow into or out of the site. Ways to address changes in access include changing the highest and best use of the site after the or curing the maneuverability issue created. Temporary construction easements (TCE’s) provide unique problems, as they do not exist in perpetuity and their impact cannot be considered as such. In this article, we’ll delve into several case studies which exemplify the impact that changes in access and proposed easements can have on a convenience store, and illustrate the methods we used to address each issue.

Petrol gas station

Convenience Stores: An Inconvenient Appraisal Problem

Gas station convenience stores are ubiquitous across transportation right of way projects, but ironically, they are some of the most challenging property types to appraise in eminent domain proceedings. We’ll explore the challenges for appraisers valuing this property type for right of way. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of the specific issues that arise when valuing convenience stores.