Artist of the Month: Jordan Banks

Jordan Banks, interior designer in hickory north carolina
Jordan Banks, Designer in North Carolina

Jordan Banks is a freelance designer. Originally from Vidalia, Georgia, Jordan lived for 12 years in Savannah before relocating to Hickory, North Carolina. Jordan takes the art of design to the next level.

Jordan’s primary design focus is on residential work, but he also designs office spaces, including North by Northwest’s Charlotte office, and he designs corporate events and parties. In an interview, Jordan shared that his passion for residential work stems from enjoying working with items that people already have in order to create something individual and catered to his client’s particular style, rather than using a default signature style. 

How It All Began: combining antiques with the modern

He has been interested in design since he was a kid, sharing that some of his earliest memories are of him helping his mom to decorate the house, updating rooms to keep things fresh. “It’s been a lifelong passion,” Jordan shared with me. 

He got into his career after studying fine art in college. “After college, I worked with a company that flipped houses and I was in charge of the interiors, which eventually morphed into my becoming a freelance designer,”  Jordan told me. 

Jordan describes his specific style and aesthetic as “collected and having a lot of different layers.” Jordan likes to blend different styles and play with combining antiques alongside modern accessories. He enjoys experimenting with lighting and above all aims to make everything individual to the client’s needs so that every design is distinctly its own. 

Appreciating a Home’s Journey

“I love my job because it’s different every day. No project is the same. At the end of the day, I see physical changes in the space. I like to take before and after pictures and to compare the feeling of each look. It means a lot to me to create something no one else could do in the same way. I look at a space and see my signature on it, having had the vision to transform it from my perspective. That is continuously exciting,” Jordan stated. 

As for his design inspirations, Jordan says he prefers to be inspired by people just getting started on Instagram, rather than famous designers. “I appreciate seeing the raw style of amateur designers and I enjoy watching them develop,” he said. 

A Jordan Banks original design for home interiors in hickory North Carolina

Savannah Costal to Carolina Charm

Jordan is also getting started afresh on the North Carolina scene which he describes as very different to Savannah which had a definite coastal, low country aesthetic. “In North Carolina, I’m still getting my feet wet. Here the color palettes are different, there is no theme, people are using different textures. Being off of the coast is stretching me to be different. It’s freer to not have the same parameters as I did before, which I’m definitely having fun with,” Jordan shared. 

Jordan met Anthony and Melissa Alderman when he first moved to Hickory after being introduced by a mutual friend. “We really hit it off and became great friends from the start. I love talking about art and interior design with them both. They’ve got exquisite taste and a real eye for beauty. It’s inspiring to talk to them. When they opened the Charlotte office I was able to work on that project and I finished that for them. I’ve helped design their corporate parties,” Jordan told me. 

A jordan banks original interior design in hickory north carolina

The Beauty of Taking Risks

In his career, Jordan says he is most proud of the work he’s done on his personal living spaces. “Because it’s great to take a lot of time and not be in a time crunch. I love taking a space and watching it evolve and change over time. A lot of the images on my website are from homes I’ve lived in. I get to take more risks in those spaces and do something unexpected,” he said. 

“The most challenging part of my job is managing people, whether its subcontractors or finishing work, there are always many moving parts in design. It’s challenging to make sure everyone is on the same page and that they keep communicating,” Jordan said. 

Next for Jordan

Next, Jordan hopes to do more collaborating and networking with other designers in North Carolina and beyond. “I’d love to work on a project with a team of people,” he said. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Jordan’s work, visit his website and set up a consultation today. If you want to know how you can be featured as artist of the month, please reach out at 

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