Angela Carlton: Media Coordinator

Angela Carlton, Media Coordinator

Angela Carlton is North by Northwest’s Media Coordinator. She completed her PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2018 which she did in English literature. After getting her PhD she worked for two years as an adjunct professor at Lenoir-Rhyne University. That is when she first met Anthony Alderman, the CEO of NxNW.

International Connection

Though being from Hickory, North Carolina originally, Angela first connected with North by Northwest while being in London during the global pandemic. “It was quite ironic to be in London and to get hired back in Hickory,” Angela told NxNW in an interview. “It’s definitely a unique pandemic story,” she added. Even more surprisingly, Angela reconnected with Anthony when she ran into Anthony and Melissa Alderman in Vienna, Austria over the Christmas season in 2019-2020.

“It was right before the pandemic broke out, and it ended up being one of the last trips I took in 2020. I was only in Vienna for three days and I just so happened to see that Anthony and Melissa were in the same city as me when they posted on Facebook. So I reached out to them and we went out and got a drink. It ended up being a really cool coincidence. Because I think reconnecting to them then helped pave the way for me to do some consulting work for North by Northwest later that year,” Angela said.  

Consulting as a Content Strategist

Prior to her work at NxNW, Angela had been consulting with various companies as a content strategist. She helped improve their web content, editorials, blogs. Additionally, she would design websites, and generally help with long-term social media and content plans. 

Angela said she originally came on the North by Northwest team in September 2020 to help by updating some of their marketing material, write blogs and establish a regular newsletter. “I didn’t know then that I would form such a great working relationship with everyone on the team at North by Northwest. Not to be hyperbolic but it’s really ended up being one of my favorite work environments. And I felt that way even from working there purely remotely. I think North by Northwest just has a really solid company culture and great group of people. From my conversations with other people at the company and associated with it, it seems like that’s a common feeling.”

Other Consulting Projects: 2nd Street Productions, LLC.

Since December 2020, Angela has also been helping Anthony get his other entrepreneurial venture off the ground, 2nd Street Productions, LLC. 2nd Street Productions is a digital marketing and video production company that probably wouldn’t have formed if the pandemic hadn’t occurred. “We are made up of a diverse and international team of creatives.”

“Basically, Anthony owned all of this professional camera equipment that wasn’t being used. And from my time consulting I’d recognized a consistent need from my clients for promotional videos. So we thought we’d try to utilize the equipment to create those videos for companies and individuals. We put together a team of creatives we both knew. They were based around the world. And suddenly we had a working company on our hands. It’s been a really exciting endeavor to be part of. Our clients include government institutions, artists, real estate brokers, and private companies, so it’s definitely been fun and dynamic.” 

North by Northwest’s Newsletter and Media

As for North by Northwest, Angela says she’s really proud of how far the company’s newsletter and social media outlets have come in the eight months since she’s been working with the company. “I’m proud to say I think we have a really solid publication now, that we are getting strong feedback on. Now, people are reaching out to us asking to be interviewed. Or asking if they can use our articles in their own publications, and that’s great. My goal is to make it the best publication in commercial appraising.”

North by Northwest Consulting also has strong connections to the art community in North Carolina and beyond. And they’re deeply committed to supporting local artists. The newsletter always features an “artist of the month.” This helps North by Northwest stay connected to the art world. And the local community. In addition to the “artist of the month” the newsletter includes a “professional of the month.” This is a feature highlighting a professional within the commercial infrastructure industry. Usually they will have worked with or been affiliated in some way to North by Northwest. There are also two to three articles which focus on industry related news or updates about NxNW or the industry at large.

Interested in Being Featured by North by Northwest?  

Beyond coordinating and editing the newsletter, Angela is developing a company manual for North by Northwest. She helps manage the website, and their branded marketing material. “I’m now dividing my time pretty equally between North by Northwest Consulting, which obviously having been around nearly a decade and has relatively solid systems in place, and 2nd Street Productions, which is still a fairly new company and requires a lot of thought and planning as we learn to navigate what those best practices would be.” 

If you have any interest in either being featured in an article by North by Northwest, or else in learning more about the services offered at 2nd Street Productions, please get in touch with us today and we would be happy to help.

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