Spotlight on: Data Team Member, Mindy Settlemyre

June’s professional of the month highlights data team member Mindy Settlemyre. Mindy first started working at NxNW in 2016 and worked there until 2017. That’s when she took a job as the Director of Student Services at a private school. However, when the school closed in the summer of 2018, she came back to NxNW. Mindy told NxNW that it was the company culture and people that drew her back. This highlights one of our major values for creating a positive work environment and strong team.

Work on NxNW’s Data Team

At NxNW, Mindy predominantly performs data entry projects but also occasionally verifies comps, as needed. Though, Mindy, like so many of the team, has been cross-trained to work on the research team and the Data team. She has also completed the Appraiser Trainee classes that North by Northwest offered in 2020. However, currently she works solely with the data team. Some of her tasks include comp tracking, entering comps into Datappraise and creating comp reviews which are maps to help track the projects at North by Northwest.

A bit about Mindy’s background, she graduated from Appalachian State in 2001 with a degree in Social Work. She she says she has to admit, she never saw herself “jumping into the world of real estate or appraising property,” which seems to be true to the experience of so many people in the appraising industry who got involved more-or-less by happy accident

Improving Our Processes

After being a stay at home/homeschool mom for years, Mindy says she was grateful that North by Northwest hired her. “Anthony and countless others in the company have taught me everything I know about the appraisal industry.” Mindy says that the job remains exciting and challenging because there are always new situations and no project is ever the same which means there is always new information and processes to delve into. “The data team is constantly working to improve our process. We use Monday Board and several other platforms and technologies to keep everyone up to speed on what’s happening for each project,” Mindy relayed. 

Job Flexibility

However, Mindy says her favorite part of her current position is the flexibility and the fact that she is able to talk to some really interesting people along the way.  “Another great part is that you are always learning in this job, so every day I feel like I gain a better understanding of the market in our area and also the appraisal industry itself,” Mindy shared.

Constantly Learning

As for the challenges of the job, Mindy told NxNW that each week holds a new learning opportunity. “There is always a new situation that will require you to use your resources to problem solve your way out. It can be easy to let that overwhelm you.  This is why I love the fact that all my co workers are readily available to help in any situation. Chances are they have run into the same issues and can easily offer a helping hand,” Mindy said.

Advice for Prospective Data Team Members in CRE

Mindy’s advice to anyone who might be thinking about a career in the commercial appraisal world would be to get ready to learn on a consistent basis, and also be prepared to work hard. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and speak up when you need advice from a colleague.  NxNW is filled with amazing employees who are always willing to stop and answer questions,” Mindy said.

If you’re interested in learning more about careers in the commercial appraisal industry, contact NxNW today. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

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