NxNW to Produce IRWA Promotional Video

North by Northwest Consulting, Inc is excited to announce we are teaming up with 2nd Street Productions, LLC in order to produce the forthcoming International Right of Way Association Chapter 31 promotional video. The video will highlight the benefits of becoming an IRWA member as well as showcase several exclusive interviews with IRWA members and professionals.

What is the International Right of Way Association?

filming the International Right of Way Chapter 31 promotional video
Frank Mundy, Senior Vice President of Stewart Engineering being interviewed by the 2nd Street and NxNW teams for the IRWA promotional video

The IRWA is a valuable resource for everyone within the infrastructure real estate professions. The benefits of becoming a member of your local IRWA chapter are numerous but some of the biggest advantages include: networking, educational opportunities, and belonging to a codified ethics. 

What are the Benefits of Joining the IRWA’s Chapter 31?

Any professional within the infrastructure real estate sphere will admit that networking is an essential part of the job. Chapter 31 of the IRWA is a large chapter that serves the Carolinas. The chapter regularly holds social events as well as annual and seasonal seminars. These events are excellent opportunities to connect with professionals in the field. These events alternate around cities and regions throughout the Carolinas but every year the chapter gathers at Charleston, South Carolina. They also regularly meet at Raleigh, NC Charlotte, NC, and Columbia, SC. 


Filming by 2nd Street Productions and North by Northwest for the International Right of Way promotional video
Grant West filming at the IRWA Spring Seminar social event in Raleigh, NC

It can be difficult to find the time and wherewithal in order to successfully build a strong network independently. Regardless of if you’re a right of way agent, are involved in legal, relocation, surveying, engineering or construction, the IRWA provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for bringing together talent. It also allows people that may already have working relationships to meet vis-a-vis each other. Oftentimes, too, individuals in their respective right-of-way fields need help finding a mentor or a firm willing to put in the time to train them, at the events held by the IRWA there is ample opportunity to create meaningful and lasting working relationships like this. 


Further educational opportunities are also an incredible benefit of the IRWA. And not just via the certified courses and designations the IRWA offers like the SR/WA. But also for the numerous conferences and speakers that present at IRWA chapter events. Seasonally and annually, the IRWA conferences and seminars include full days of presentations by cutting edge professionals that offer exciting glimpses into the future of the industry, as well as as talks by professionals with copious experience and insights. There is the opportunity to both learn new tricks of the trade as well as tried and true methodologies. 

Codified Ethics

A speaker at the International Right of Way association chapter 31 spring seminar
Candace Parker from Duke Energy presenting on deescalating hostile situations at the IRWA Spring Seminar in Raleigh, NC

And finally the IRWA works hard to maintain a codified ethics that is standard across the industry. Being a verified member comes with this implicit quality and ethical guarantee to add to your services. 

Where to learn more about the IRWA’s promotional video. And how to get involved.

The promotional video currently underway will be showcased on the IRWA Chapter 31 website. As well as published across their social media channels. Among interviewees is Franky Mundy who is the Senior Vice President of Stewart Engineering. The video will also feature other prominent and important leaders within the infrastructure real estate community.

IRWA spring seminar promotional video being shot by 2nd Street Productions and North by Northwest

Part of the promotional video was shot at the Chapter 31 Spring Seminar in Raleigh, North Carolina. While upcoming videography is scheduled for the near future. If you are a member of the IRWA and interested in contributing to the promotional video or being interviewed, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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