Dana Vickers: Data Team Member

Dana Vickers is a member of North by Northwest’s data team. Dana explained to us in an interview that the most important part of her job is ensuring accuracy. “Accuracy is of the utmost importance and juggling projects and due dates cannot take precedence over accuracy,” she said. This bottom line has to be upheld even as the workload can be heavy or challenging requiring many different steps and procedures.

Why Our Team is Unique

North by Northwest’s data team is unique in the commercial appraisal world. Because many appraisal companies don’t have a specified data team to verify comps. But this extra step in the process ensures a higher standard of the reports and of course, of accuracy. The team is lead by Lisbeth Northcott, the Team Manager.

Dana told us that in her time at North by Northwest she’s watched the team grow. It started with just one person verifying the comps and one person entering them into the database. Today, there are several people to handle verifications. While the company uses a more detailed and user-friendly database system called Datappraise. 

The Data Team Process

The process of the data team starts when a new project is posted on the Monday Board. Then the research team can start pulling documents and photos for the comps. And the data team to begin the verification process. “Monday Board is a great tool and keeps all of the data team focused on the projects and due dates. And it also keeps the appraisers informed as the process is ongoing,” Dana shared. 

I asked how this process has been affected by coronavirus with more people working from home than ever before. Dana explained that her job hadn’t personally been affected since she’s always worked remotely. Though it has affected her working relationships with a lot of brokers. “Connecting with people has been tougher as more people work from home and have different hours,” Dana explained. Dana has also achieved her Appraiser Trainee license. She says this has helped her have a more in-depth understanding of the nuances of her job.