Data Team Manager: Lisbeth Northcott

Professional photo of a woman working in as data team manager in commercial appraisal office.
Lisbeth Northcott

Lisbeth Northcott is the manager of the North by Northwest Data Team. She is also the Executive Assistant to CEO Anthony Alderman. And in those capacities she excels at streamlining and maintaining North by Northwest’s processes and efficiency.

Celebrating 8 Years at North by Northwest

Lisbeth actually started out working for free, in 2013. She had just moved to NC from the Atlanta area, where she had worked as a high school teacher. Anthony had around the same time time just started North by Northwest. And Lisbeth knew he needed some help. She began by helping with research.

“I had some research background. Later, as I began to understand the business better, I began to help Anthony verify comp details and pull documents. Then, as the business grew over the years, I realized I needed help.” That’s when Lisbeth began to train others to do the work alongside her and the data team was born. Eventually North by Northwest grew to have a team of data experts, highly trained both by education and through experience. Lisbeth manages keeping the work flowing efficiently.

The Data Team is Born

“The most challenging work I do on the Data Team is finding property contacts to verify the sales. But I do love being involved with brokers, buyers, and sellers of commercial properties. Before working here, I used to drive by convenience stores and wonder who runs them, and how they do business. Now knowing some of the answers, and dealing with all sorts of other commercial properties has been fascinating,” Lisbeth said about her role. 

Congratulations to Lisbeth for working at North by Northwest for eight years. Thank you for all the essential work you do! Working alongside Lisbeth are Dana Vickers, Mindy Settlemeyer and Mohamed Javeed. To find out more about our impressive data team, or to learn more about our processes and procedures, get in touch today.