A recent article from National Geographic (link) describes the effect that natural gas will/may have on the trucking industry.  Rising fuel prices have reduced demand for trucking greatly and pushed shipping to other providers, namely rail versandapotheken viagra.  Railroads have been expanding (see: Northfolk Southern’s New Charlotte Intermodal Facility) to meet the increased shipping demand.  In fact, many of my recent assignments have been to appraise properties impacted by the railroad infrastructure upfits.  That being said, it makes sense for trucking to look for anyway possible to win back market share.  Natural gas looks to be one way they can do that.  Two questions I’m interested in are:

  1. Will rail see a decline in shipping in the next five years as a natural gas fleet comes online?
  2. What effect will this have on the interstate fueling stations, both with and without the natural gas dispensers?